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General Information
Gender: male
Age: Adult
Species: Husky
Eye Color: black


Series Information
First Appearance: Balto
Voiced By: TBA


By the facial expression he makes, he seems to be competitive.


He has brown fur, with a lighter underbelly, orange-brown spots on his right eye, back, and underside areas and having gray at his upper area.



He doesn't do much of a role but he'll be seen racing Steele and was almost about to beat him till Steele cheated and won unfairly. Later, he auditions to the fastest dog to retrieve the medicine till he realizes Balto joined, he presumably tries to beat him but fails. Soon, Jenna tries to spread the massage that Balto is helping Steele and his team to get back but he mocks at it and laughs with the other with the idea but he'll be interrupted when a dog opens the door and realizes it was Steele, when Steele lied to them what happened, Jenna says he's lying but he doesn't believes her. Near the end, Steele's true nature was revealed and he turned his back at him.


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Just like almost every dog, he seems to not like him, when Jenna tries to tell them what he's doing, Joe mocks it and believe that he can't do such a thing and calls him a "mutt" but he'll be interrupted, when Steele told everyone what happened, Jenna tells them that he's lying but he doesn't believe her but presumably he might felt horrible what he thought of him after learning Steele's true nature and he'll happily congratulate Balto for his heroic actions.


It's unknown what he thinks of her being with Balto but he doesn't believe anything positive of what she thinks of Balto as she tries to spread the massage that Balto is helping them but he mocks it, when Steele told everyone what happened, she tells them that he's lying but he doesn't believer but presumably, he might felt horrible what he thought of her after learning Steele's true nature.


It's unknown either if he hates Steele for what he did to him when he cheated but he seems to admire his brave and impressive actions, soon, he worries that Steele is lost as the children might die but later Steele shows up when he mocks Balto helping them but he believes what he went though to get back to Nome but after awhile he now realizes and sees Steele's true nature and now hates him for what he his.


  • Wild Joe, Doc, Dixie and Sylvie were all side characters from Ablimation's
  • Wild Joe was entirely different dog breed during the making.
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