After Aleu led Nava and the other pack member for three months she was ready to find a young wolf she could mate with. It was St. Patrick's Day in other USA states when Aleu went to Nome to tell her mom Jenna about soon meeting an in-law family member. Aleu went south to search for her young mate and she found him in Juneau his name was Diamond. Balto helped Aleu go back home with her new mate Diamond following. When Nava saw Aleu found a young mate he talked with Diamond. When Aleu's puppy litter came Silver howled happily to tell the rest of the pack. Silver told Diamond he'd look for some bison and caribou for the pups, Diamond told Silver he was grateful. Diamond himself went hunting for Moose and squirrels. When The pups were 12 days old this wolf pack sang soft spiritual songs and played.

When Aleu's pups were 2 to 3 weeks old they listened to  African folk tales, Aesop fables, Native American Legends, Old Fairy Tale of Europe, Myths of Norse, and Greek, as well as family history, they also painted their own birthday mandalas. On Easter Sunday the pups picniced with Balto and Jenna, and were met Kodi and Dusty. Then through the afternoon these wolves and huskies played in by the den's entrance. Earth Day these pups excitedly played outside the den and sang howled instrumental songs about nature witih the adult wolves, and chased squirrels on the grass. When Aleu's pups were Finally old enough to follow others Vike show them their Rendezvous area which was colorful with flowers, Tana took them on a tour, and Silver played with them to help them practice hunting actions.


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