Aleu recently became a mother and she started travel The Great Bear Rainforest coast of Alaska, Juneau Alaska, Nome Alaska, Yukon River of Canada, Siberia, and The North Pole. If Aleu caught something lilke Buffalo she'd share it with foxes and coyotes. She liked catching Squirrels. when possible to not drown Aleu would fish seafood for her pack.

She liked seeing Sammoy and Eskimo Dog cousins as well as her Malamute and Husky cousins she let her pups play easy games with these cousins in snowy villages. On holidays about ancestry stuff Aleu would join the white Arctic Wolf and sing with it. She'd once in a while invite Muru's family to her big cave with spiritual wolf art she sometimes howled Muru's songs his Chant and Who You Really Are to herself because she felt grattitude for him helping her find her path.

Diamond would sometimes take Aleu's pups and chase the bison for fun sometimes Diamond played Tug of War with his pup. Tana swam with the pups when they were by a river especially the Yukon River. Vike would sometimes race the pups. Nava let the young pups wrestle him gently, and Silver helped them practice catching bunnies.

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