Okay we all learn our own lessons in our own ways. but with the level of my sympathy I have, there are a few lessons I don't doubt about fiction wolves teaching me while reading fiction chapter books and watching respectful movies of theirs.

Balto helped me learn how we can match by  what our values are, and it's a very peaceful ways to match.

Faolan in Wolves of the Beyond helped me see how having self-acceptance is very important.

Odessa in Beyond the Valley of Thorns chapter book helped me learn true friends give you total freedom to be yourself.

Nava helped me learn sometimes you're prepared but you're not sure how to start.

Jed who was a wolf-dog who did movies helped me learn sometimes you're leaving for safety not because of anger.

I've discovered with studying non-fiction of the wolf family what usually looks like anger is usually misunderstood pleasure, worry, or protection. Plus with my sympathy of misunderstood behavior I can sort hear a voice expressing the wolf's emotion I'm a visual thinker. Visualized or met face to face dogs I feel more secure with than cats. I even emotionally wish to be wolves' translator with how many facial expressions I can comprehend the causes of.

Personality Quizzes about wolves have repeatedly told me if I was a real wolf Alpha or Beta would be my rank with how much nobility I'd show my pack even when near something dangerous.

Patience, Efficiency, Flexibility, and Loyalty these are the qualities that I see in both the wolf and me.

Visualizing their foes (hunters, farmers with gun, and other impatient wolf foes) are what make me frown fast. I'm one who can't stand extinction news I understand and agree with wolves about balance on the planet.

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