Note: The character currently does not have an official name, DO NOT attempt to give the character a name as "Yukon" is not the official name.

General Information
Gender: Unknown
Age: Puppy
Species: Wolfdog (3/4 husky, 1/4 wolf)
Eye Color: Dark Brown

Unnamed owner
Balto's Father (Grandfather)
Aniu (Grandmother)
Balto (Father)
Jenna (Mother)
Aleu (Sister)
Kodi (brother)
Saba (sister)
Dingo (brother)
Unnamed pup (Sibling)
Boris (Uncle)

Series Information
First Appearance: Balto II: Wolf Quest
Last Appearance: Balto III: Wings of Change

The Red-faced pup, is Balto and Jenna's child, and is also AleuKodi, Saba and Dingo's sibling. They are seen in Balto II: Wolf Quest, and Balto III: Wings of Change. The red-faced pup makes various cameos throughout the second and third movies. The pup has two lines in the second movie.


The red-faced pup has dark red coat. The underbelly, muzzle and chest are a white creamy colour. It is also one the most distinguishable of Balto's and Jenna's children besides Aleu, due to the unusual markings it has. The eye color is dark brown, almost black.


Balto II: Wolf Quest

The Pup will be first seen when Balto sees his pups he produce with Jenna, the Pup will be seen when Jenna is nursing the Pup and the rest of her siblings. The Pup will be seen again playing with Boris, the Pup and the Pup's siblings keep chewing Boris till Balto stops them. After that the Pup still continues playing.

The Pup will be last seen when it is set for adoption, the Pup will get a owner which moments later.

Balto III: Wings of Change

The Pup appears rarely in Balto III: Wings of Change in the flashback during the "You don't have to be a hero" song.


  • Uncle Boris! (All siblings together)
  • Phew! (When Aleu stops howling)


  • The pup was named Yukon but Yukon is an idea name for the pup but it's not official.
  • This is probably the most popular pup of the litter that doesn't have their own movie dedicated to it. Many fans have their own interpretation of the pup, some of the most notable being "Kiona" or "Yukon", and created their own stories and characters with it, possibly due to its interesting markings. However, the gender, name and personality of this pup is unknown to this day, as Universal has not confirmed any.
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