The Terrier is a Scottish Terrier who appears in Balto: Wolf Quest who tells Balto that Jenna gave birth to some puppies. Very little is known on him, except that it is very energetic The Terrier is hyper-active and barks continuously which Boris gets annoyed by.

"There you are laddies"



The Terrier is a small dog with scruffy fur. His exact breed is unconfirmed, however, judging by his accent, he is likely to be a Scottish terrier. The dog's coat is mainly white, with a gray belly, feet, tail tip and beard. His feet have minimal detail, and are covered by thick fur, so his toes cannot be seen. He has dark gray patches around both of his eyes and thick lighter gray eyebrows. The Terrier wears an olive green scarf around his neck.


The Terrier is only a minor character, appearing in the film for only a few minutes, so not much is known about his personality. He seems to be a very excitable little dog, but also very loyal. He got on Boris' nerves quite quickly because he was always barking and jumping around, making the goose dizzy.


In Balto II: Wolf Quest

Early in the film, Balto and Boris are greeted by the excitable Terrier, who is jumping around repeating the lines "the stalk has landed", referring to the fact that Balto and Jenna have just become parents. Balto races over the Rosy's house to see Jenna, and the Terrier meets him there. When Balto walks in, Boris and the Terrier are seen at the door. The little dog is jumping around and barking, and then is kicked over the fence by annoyed Boris. He later appears during the E.D.A.S scene in Wings of Change. He is voiced by Rob Paulsen.


  • In a deleted scene in 'Balto', after the race of "the fastest dog", there was gonna be a scene where Steele rechecks the dogs in case Balto rejoins the race but instead he comes across a Terrier that wanted to join the race but Steele presumably removed him due by his size.
  • It's unclear if he has connections with Jenna.