General Information
Gender: male
Age: elder
Referred: Telegrph Operator
Species: Human
Occupation: Telegraph operator

Morse (pet)

Series Information
First Appearance: Balto
Last Appearance: Balto
Design By: Carlos Grangel
Nicolas Marlet
Patrick Mate
Voiced By: Garrick Hagon



He doesn't play much of a role but he is first seen spreading the massage that Steele is an impressive dog with the morse codes!

He'll be seen again when Nome is having a much number of sick children and requires medicine from another location, he'll was told that planes won't have their engines started because of the wind and the train cannot go as far. So he was asked to pile up the fastest dogs to get it.

Soon, he'll be noted that Steele and his team are missing and Nome was slowly losing hope for all the sick kids. Near the end, he'll rise the lamp to make everyone aware that the sled team is back.


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They're never seem spending time with each other but presumably he cares about him.


He must likely worried about Nome as what the consequences will happen to the children.


He never interacts with him in person but he's mainly aware that do to his states in the race, he'll be sent to retrieve the medicine.
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