General Information
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Series Information
First Appearance: Balto
Last Appearance: Balto
Voiced By: Unknown

Steele's Musher is a loud and brash old man who's always on the look out for fast dogs.


He is seen mainly racing, he was racing another sled dog team and gained victory as he doesn't know that Steele cheated in order to win. He is seen again to at the finish line, after he saw Balto outrun Steele, the Musher asked the man if he is having second thoughts on Steele if he's "losing his touch" but the man believes the ANY dog can outrun Steele.

He is seen again in the sled dog participation as he watches his stop watch. After Balto won the race, he wanted to see the winner but Steele stepped on Balto's toes he can cause a growl which lead him to be disqualified as he believed that Balto might turn on him.

The Musher would later get ready to get the medicine back to Nome, after he gets the medicine Steele would get lost and would cost him to rush and fall on hill as the Musher would hit his head and lose consciousness.

Balto would then come and take him back home.


  • it's unknown what happen to him during the end, it was that he was last seen that he is still loses consciousness, hurt bad. Although it can be assumed that he lived as someone stated "He's going to be okay." just before the children got injections.
  • His voice actor is unknown.
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