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General Information
Gender: Female
Age: (Balto) Young Adult
(Balto II & III) Adult
Referred: Pretty Girl (By Rosy)
Jen (By Balto)
Mom (By her pups)
Species: Copper Siberian Husky
Occupation: Pet
Taking care of Rosy
Mother role
Eye Color: Amber

Rosy and her parents (owners)
Balto (mate)
Aleu (daughter)
Kodi (son)
Saba (daughter)
Dingo (son)
Unnamed pup (offspring)
Unnamed pup (offspring)
Aniu † (mother-in-law)
Balto's Father (father-in-law)
Unanmed Mother


Her pups


Balto (before Balto and Jenna became mates and parents)
Muk & Luk
Dixie and Sylvie
Mel & Dipsy

Series Information
First Appearance: Balto
Last Appearance: Balto III: Wings of Change
Design By: Carlos Grangel
Nicolas Marlet
Patrick Mate
Voiced By: Bridget Fonda (Balto)
Jodi Benson (Balto II: Wolf Quest, Balto III: Wings of Change)
I'm afraid the only way Steele notices anyone is if they're wearing a mirror!
— Jenna describes Steele

Jenna is the deuteragonist of Balto as well as a major character in Balto II: Wolf Quest and Balto III: Wings of Change. Jenna is Balto's mate and the mother of Kodi, Dingo, Saba, Aleu and two other unnamed pups.

She was voiced by Bridget Fonda in the first movie, and Jodi Benson in the two sequels.


In the original film, Jenna is kind and sensible, being the only town dog shown who never fawns over Steele and openly stands up to him. She is highly faithful to her owner, Rosy, as evidenced when she stays by her side and does her best to look after her while she is ill with diphtheria.

Despite Balto's outcast status, Jenna is sensitive to him and is his only friend in town. Her feelings grow closer to Balto as he shown her to care about Rosy as well and she didn't view Balto as a threat and later, Jenna would rescue Balto from being murdered from the bear as also getting injured in the process. Jenna gave her bandanna to Balto in hope of keeping him warm and also worrying about Balto going by himself. She dislikes Steele for his remarks about Balto and his prideful attitude, and constantly stands up to Balto whenever present, upbraiding Steele and calling him a "glory-hound." Though she is courteous otherwise, she continually turns down his flirtatious advances and makes no secret of preferring Balto over him. She is far from credulous, as evidenced when she refuses to believe Steele's story about Balto assaulting him and passing away.

Jenna is also very clever, as demonstrated when she tricks Steele into burning his tail by using his infatuation of her against him. She is lion-hearted and willing to resort to battle to protect her loved ones, as evidenced in the original movie when she fights a bear to save Balto and his friends.

In the sequels, she typically stays behind on Balto's adventures despite wanting to guide him. Jenna also cared a lot for her puppies, but was ready to find them homes after eight weeks.


Jenna is a purebred husky with a red and white fur (which she passes down to Kodi and the majority of her pups), which is dark red on her ears, back, the upper parts of her legs, and the upside of her tail, and white on her facial, chest, and underside areas. She has small black markings on the tips of her ears and amber eyes. She usually wears an red-orange bandanna around her neck. By dog terms, she is considered beautiful and is apparently highly desired, as shown by the immediate attraction Balto, Steele, and a passing dog in the beginning of the film had shown.



Jenna was given to Rosy when she was eight weeks old. It is implied in the first movie that she was raised solely within town, unlike Balto, and is a purebred husky.


Early Years

Jenna was sold to Rosy's parents as her mom would want Jenna to have a owner before she is grown up.


Jenna is first introduced with Rosy when Rosy gets her sled. Rosy harnesses her to it, and Jenna pulls the sled with her on it to the beginning race. At the race, she meets with Dixie and Sylvie. Dixie shows off her new collar to them, revealing her hopes that Steele will notice, but Jenna shows skepticism saying, "I'm afraid the only way Steele notices anyone is if they're wearing a mirror".

When the race begins, Rosy's hat falls out of her hand and into the path of Steele and his team. She tries to reach for it, but Jenna grabs her sleeve in an effort to keep her out of potential harm's way. Balto joins the last leg of the race to retrieve the hat, and at the end of it, she is grateful to him when he returns the hat to her owner. Rosy mock-admonishes Balto for doing such a crazy thing "just to show off to a pretty girl", indicating Jenna, and attempts to harness him to her sled as well to join Jenna on their team, but Rosy's father steps in to take her away, telling her Balto might bite her because he's part-wolf. While Rosy protests that he hurt his feelings, Jenna disappointedly watches Balto slink off.

As Balto begins to leave, Steele approaches Jenna and invites her to celebrate his victory at the race with him, claiming he knows "where all the bones are buried". She turns down his proposition by stating she's lost her appetite, but Steele picks up on this and comments darkly that her tastes run towards wolf, indicating Balto. Jenna shows annoyance, but takes the opportunity to excuse herself when Rosy calls for her and runs off to join her.

On the way back home with her owners, she runs into Balto again when he collides into her and their noses nearly touch. When Rosy calls for her again, she turns and looks briefly back for Balto, before realizing he's gone. She follows his tracks back briefly and sniffs around slightly, unaware he's hiding, before being called again and leaving.

Jenna is later seen at the hospital, waiting outside in the snow for Rosy. She barks when she sees Rosy at the window, and Rosy greets her, running out the door to see her. They briefly play in the snow, but stop when Rosy falls into another violent coughing fit. Jenna noses her elbow in concern and Rosy pets her, but Rosy's father comes out to take her back inside. Jenna is once again left out in the snow, and she moves to sit beside the window to see what's going on.

While she sits, she initially doesn't notice Balto coming up behind her. She greets him when he speaks up, but doesn't look away from the window. He initially tries to ask her out, but gives up on it when he sees her sadness and joins her at the window. Jenna tells him about Rosy's cough and, in desperation, asks him what's wrong with her.

Balto's response is to lead her to a locked wooden door, where he pulls the pins out of the hinges to open it. Jenna follows him through the boiler room and into a tunnel, being briefly surprised by a large spider web before Balto flicks it away with his tail. Balto tells her about the place being the most beautiful in the world, and she comments she can't see why.


They end up in a dark room beneath the hospital, and she shows skepticism when Balto gathers a pile of broken bottles, calling them the polar ice caps, and motions to the light in calling it the sun. However, when he positions the bottles and moves away, the light illuminates them and the wall is shimmering with the colors reflected from the bottles. Jenna is awed, realizing they appear as the Northern Lights, and tells Balto it's beautiful while staring at them. He makes a comment in agreement, but says it while looking at her. She returns his gaze, and they seem poised to touch noses right before the light goes out; the doctor having turned off the light in Rosy's room.

Jenna and Balto move briefly to follow the conversation as the doctor goes into another room with Rosy's father. They listen to the doctor tell her father that Rosy's condition appears to be diphtheria, and she's the eighteenth case he has this week, but he's out of antitoxin. Jenna, upset by this, leaves and heads back into the boiler room, and Balto follows. Balto apologizes to her, but she waves it off, telling him she's glad he took her there. They're interrupted by the sound of a crash just outside the room, which turns out to be by Steele, who enters with a stolen chain of sausages in his mouth.

Steele propositions her to join him for dinner, yanking her to his side by throwing the chain around her. He tells her she can start at one end, he at the other. Balto tries to intervene by biting at the chain, but Jenna tells him no and instead begins to flirt with Steele. By doing this, she tricks him into backing up against the boiler door, burning his tail, and he screams in pain. She and Balto take advantage of this and run, but Steele, in giving chase, crashes through the door and lands behind them. The butcher and Rosy's father begin to approach, flashlights out, and Jenna and Balto continue to run. Steele, however, throws the sausage chain around Balto and knocks him down just when the two men see them, framing Balto as the thief and himself as the hero in pursuit of him. Jenna tries to follow Balto when Rosy's father kicks snow at him to make him run off, but the man holds her back by grabbing her bandanna, and she is forced to return home with him.

The next day, the race to find the fastest dog team is held. Jenna attends, joining Sylvie and Dixie in the sidelines. Dixie gushes over Steele and how he'll save the entire town, but Jenna points out the purpose of the race being to find the best team. Dixie retorts, asking her if she'll ever give Steele a sniff despite being a "genuine hero", but before Jenna can respond, Sylvie talks about how Jenna is running with Balto and that they were seen together. She adds that Jenna shouldn't bother to deny it, as she'd heard it from "a very reliable source". Jenna replies calmly that she won't, rendering Sylvie speechless.

When the race begins, Jenna is astonished to see Balto running with the other dogs. However, she adapts quickly and begins cheering for him alongside Boris.

Once the race finishes, with Balto having won, Steele comes to see the winners and have them harnessed on his team. When Balto points out he "was the fastest dog", Steele then asks "You were the fastest what?" again picking at him for being 1/2 wolf and Jenna intervenes angrily to support Balto, telling Steele to care about more about the medicine than worrying Balto being in his team and tells him to stop being a "glory-hound". However, although Steele concedes to her, he induces a growl out of Balto by stepping on his foot when the judges come up to meet him and tricks them into believing he would be a danger to the team. Balto, dispirited, decides to leave, although Jenna apologizes to him on their behalf and tries to call for him to wait.

At the hospital, Jenna is finally let into the room to see Rosy. She comes up to Rosy's bedside, laying her head against her when Rosy falls asleep. Unbeknownst to her, Balto is watching through the window, and is now more determined than ever to find the sled team.

Later, when left outside again, Jenna rests her head on the hospital windowsill out of sadness when looking in on Rosy. She picks up on Balto's scent, however, and looks around to see his paw prints leading away from the window and towards the forest.

She follows Balto's tracks, and finally meets with him, Boris, Muk and Luk when a bear is attacking them. When the bear has Balto pinned to the snow under his paw and raises his other to strike the killing blow, Jenna attacks with a battle cry, grabbing onto the bear's raised paw with her teeth. She struggles with the bear, but the bear throws her off and knocks her into the branch trapping Luk and Muk, toppling it over. When the bear chases Balto out onto the ice, she and the rest run after them, but are unable to catch up before the ice cracks and the bear is sent down through it, but the patch under Balto also flips over, sending him into the water. Luk and Muk jump in to rescue him, and Jenna runs to the spot they jumped through. She shows disbelief when Boris tells her they can't swim, and runs out onto the ice to look for where Balto is under it. She scratches off some snow to see him trapped, right before he is swept away. When Boris resurfaces his head from the water, he tells her he can't see them, and they are left to wonder where they are before Luk and Muk surface with a nearly drowned Balto.

Once Balto is on dry ground, Jenna runs to him. They ask each other if they're okay at the same time, and Jenna reassures him she's fine. Seeing him shivering, she lies down on top of him to give him warmth and tells him a message came through, and they have to take the mountain trail. He protests it'll save them half a day if they take Eagle Pass, but she tells him it's blocked and the mountain trail is dangerous, but they can do it.

Once Balto is recovered, Jenna gets up to walk, but she collapses in the snow when she tries to, due to having hurt her leg. Balto takes notice, although she initially waves it off as being clumsy. After another failed attempt to walk, however, she admits she isn't fine and tells them to go ahead without her, that she'll be slowing them down and Rosy won't be able to hold out much longer.

Balto tells Luk and Muk to carry Jenna back to town, giving them a broken tree branch to use. He tells Boris to lead them home by using the marks he made on the trees. Jenna is in disbelief that he's going on alone, and thus chooses to give him her bandanna by slipping it off and putting it over his head. She comments she's afraid it won't keep him very warm, but he reassures her it will, and they nuzzle. He promises her he'll come back with the medicine, and tells Luk and Muk to take her home. After some advice from Boris, Balto leaves, and Boris leads Luk and Muk to drag the tree branch with Jenna on it back to town.

Back in town, Jenna meets with the other dogs in the boiler room, having told them about Balto's journey. When a dog asks how Balto can find Steele and the team if they're off the trail, she says he's tracking them. However, they only laugh at the idea, just before Steele appears at the door. For a split second, she initially mistakes him for Balto, but frowns when realizing it's Steele. The other dogs crowd around Steele, giving him his bone and asking what happened. When Steele plays up his fake story of what happened, claiming that the rest of the team froze to death while he carried the medicine alone, and Balto jealously demanded to take the medicine, however he died out of arrogance by falling over a cliff. He tells Jenna that "he just wanted so much to be a hero in your eyes". In an attempt to confirm his story, he pulls out Jenna's bandanna and tells Jenna that Balto made him promise to take care of her.

For a minute, Jenna appears to have initially almost fallen for the story after Steele brings out her bandanna, however, after Steele claims that Balto promised her care to him, she quickly realizes that Balto would never say such athing and sees through Steele’s lies. She calls him out on his deceit, telling the other dogs that Balto is alive and is coming home. She takes her bandanna and runs out. The other dogs still do not believe her and take her apparent leave as a way to come to terms with Balto’s ‘death.’ She then takes the broken bottles and a lantern, dragging them up the hilltop outside Nome. She positions the lantern and arranges the broken bottles, before standing back. Colors spread out against the hill, making a signal over Nome, and she stands briefly to watch them.

Jenna and her onwers.jpg

Later, she is seen at Rosy's bed again when she hears Balto's howling. Joyfully, she barks, alerting Rosy's parents to rush to the window and see the team returning.

When Balto comes into the room to see Rosy, Jenna is at the door. They jump around playfully before touching noses and nuzzling. As the townspeople cheer for Balto, Jenna stands by his side, with their affection for each other truly affirmed.

Balto II: Wolf Quest

Balto, Jenna, and there new born puppies.jpg

Sometime after the events of the first film, Balto and Jenna got married and Jenna gave birth to a litter of pups. Balto toke helped care for them, such as each taking turns to take care of them or take care of them at the same time, likewise keeping watch as they were given away at eight weeks old; Jenna was sad but Balto would confront/comfort her. Later, Aleu would be the only one left but Balto had doubts that no one would adopt a wolfdog pup, but Jenna didn't give up, and they both tried.

When Aleu ran away, Jenna attempted to follow Balto but he insisted that she stay behind and that it was something the father and daughter needed to work out together. Much later she gets worried about them and wants to go but Boris tells her that they have to handle it alone and they'll be back!

She's then seen looking outside of the window worried-sick about Balto and Aleu.

Balto III: Wings of Change


She'll be seen in the opening watching kodi and his team with Balto then she'll be seen again hanging around with Rosy. After that, Balto took her to the mountains to share with her what he found but they've been waiting there for awhile and Jenna decides to sleep until a loud noise interrupts her sleeping and Balto tells her that's the thing he wanted to show her. Balto chases the thing while Jenna followed behind, once the plane was flew to far away, Jenna is surprised that something like that can be able to fly.

Later, they go and meet Kodi and his team but Balto sees the exact same plane and Jenna & Kodi's Team inspect the plane with Balto.

Soon, when Balto was chosen to help Kodi save his job, Balto believed he wouldn't keep that since he's he was worried he couldn't beat the plane since he couldn't outrun it and Jenna sings a song to him and Balto would be encouraged to help his son.

When Kodi's Team is racing against Duke, Jenna hopes them luck for both of them on beating Duke. After the game, Balto tells Jenna that something felt wrong while Kodi is happy about keeping his job.

After Balto left to save Duke by himself, Jenna was talking with Mel and Dipsy until he saw Kodi in Nome, she was confused about it and asked him to go to her. After Kodi tells his mom why he didn't go, Jenna was disgusted the Kodi care about his job more than his dad & Duke's life and wishes she went with Balto looking for Duke from the start. Kodi felt guilty about himself and tries to ask his team to help him. She awaited anxiously for his return whole Dipsy kept making predictions what could've happened to them, after hearing a howl she was howling a cheer when the team came to town, she happily nuzzle Balto's neck.

Later, Jenna and her son would be ontop of a hill and she is happy for Kodi helping his dad.


(If certain characters aren't here, that means that they've not had any thoughts about them nor interacted with them. Feel free to summarize their perspective. (Fanfictions NOT included))


Jenna and Rosie.jpg
Jenna cares about Rosy deeply, she would as keep her away from danger and make her feel happy. However she would felt devastated about Rosy being sick, as in result she would help balto to bring the medicine in order to make Rosy better, she was happy and to see Rosy well and happy to see Balto!

Even when she's married, she still spends time with her owners and Balto.

Rosy's Parents

Even when they hardly interacted, Jenna cares about them even not going against them.

Dixie and Sylvie

They are Jenna's friends and they would chat together but their friendship would change when Sylvie heard that Jenna was hanging out with Balto which Dixie would be shocked to hear. Sylvie would ask if she a strong connection with Balto and would agree which would shock them both. Because of this, it was presumably that they don't ever be on Jenna's side regardless and not much is known about them realizing Steele's true nature and what they think about her being with Balto in the end.


Jenna and balto.jpg

You're going out alone?
— Jenna to Balto

Due to Balto's outcast state, Jenna doesn't show any hostility on Balto nor care about his wolf'side. Jenna wasn't interested in him but she appreciates him helping, As Balto wanted to ask her out, she kinda wasn't in the right mood but when Balto wonders why was she upset, he helps her finding out what was wrong with Rosy and asks her to follow him to the Boiler room and under the hospital, Balto shows Jenna some broken bottles but Jenna wasn't interest in it when Balto shows her the trick to a the Northern Lights she was impressed but when she finally learns what's wrong with Rosy and starts to be sadden but she thanks Balto for him helping her know the answer. And for that she would support Balto as standing up for Balto whenever Steele tries to threaten him.

But her feelings would grow closer to Balto as he would risk his own life to save Rosy which would lead to Jenna risking her life to save Balto as she can see that Balto cares about Rosy which would give Jenna a reason why she'll care about Balto. When Balto was under the ice she panicked for his safety and rushes to find him, she was worried that he was gonna drown but Muk & Nuk save him from under the ice he tells Boris to take her home and Jenna was worried about him going alone but Balto assures that he'll be fine. When Jenna gives Balto his scarf she nuzzles Balto's neck and fur and they both lock eyes for a moment and nuzzles with each other but they would be interrupted when Nuk was crying.

Jenna warming Balto.jpg
Balto promises Jenna that he'll come back, later, Jenna would spread the message that Balto is trying to helping them but they mock it which angers her, when Steele arrives, she happily assumes it was Balto only to be Steele. When Steele told everyone what happened she doesn't believe at all. she'll go to the hospital but hopes that Balto would come back but everyone was slowly losing hope and she was sad about losing Rosy, once she hears a howl, she barks happily so other can know that they're here and when Balto made it back she was happy and to see Rosy well and happy to see Balto!

Later, they would get married and have puppies. They be happy with each other for making their own off-springs and they would take their turn taking care of them, Jenna would tell him that she wants the pups to have owners in a young age as how her mom did when she was a pup. She would be sadden to let them go as same with Balto. They would both would feel worried if one of their pups ran away, Balto promises Jenna that he'll bring their pup back.

If Balto discovered something, he would share it with Jenna as they would both be surprised to find a flying object. Balto would trust Jenne to tell his problems to her as Jenna would always support him no matter what.


Out of every dog, Jenna is aware that her friends like Steele but she doesn't have any feelings for Steele, she knows that Steele doesn't have much of a kind heart as she isn't afraid to reject him, when he tried to flirt with her, she tricks him as she pretents she's into him but she'll find a way to make him get hurt. When he threatens Balto she stands up for him when he's intimidating Balto. Despite her friends wanting her to like Steele, she'll deeply reject. When she tried to spread the massage about Balto, Steele comes in and she thought is was Balto but she was surprise that he came back. Steele tells everyone what happened to Balto and the Sled team. She would feel sad knowing that but until he said that Balto made him promised to take care of her, she realizes that Balto would never make such promises and looks though his lies. She tries to tell everyone that Steele is lying but no one believes her, she leave him behind and refuses to believe what he said.


Even when they hardly interacted, Jenna presumeably knows that Boris is Balto's adopted father. when Balto went off to find the medicine, he saves him from the bear but not much is known about their history together. When Aleu was gone along with Balto, Jenna worries that something bad is happening to them and tries to go but Boris insisted that she should stay knowing Balto will come back. They overall respect each other.

Muk & Luk

Even when she knows little about them, when Balto went off to find the medicine, he saves them from the bear but She was shocked to hear that they can't swim as they are polar bears, she was worried about them along with Balto but was happy to see them save Balto. Not much is known about their history together.

Unnamed Terrier

Despite him knowing her, there's not much interaction between the two.

Her pups

Balto, Jenna, and there new born puppies.jpg
She cares about her pups, she'll spend her time taking care of them she would also let Balto take care of them so she can take a break. One day, Jenna told Balto she wanted to give the pups owners before they're full grown, Balto didn't wanted that but he had agree on it. As they would have a hard time finding owners when they're full grown. If one of her pups run away she'll try to bring them back home.


She is Jenna's daughter and cares about her, but one day she tries to find her a owner but she gives up and later, Balto told her that she ran away and Jenna would be nervious about it and wanted to go after her but Balto insisted that he should deal with it alone as it's his fault. Jenna would worry sick about them at home.


He is Jenna's son and cares about him, but then Kodi's job would be taken away from Duke. When they won, she gives Balto some hope to help Kodi but after they won, Kodi was happy to keep his job but then Kodi would change his behavior towards Balto and he wouldn't help him. Later Jenna realized Kodi didn't went with his father and asked him why. Kodi didn't wanted to help because he wanted to help Duke, she sees how his job is turning him and convinced Kodi to help Balto. She'll be happy to see him save Balto and Duke.

Mel & Dipsy

They are Jenna's friend but unlike Dixie and Sylvie, Mel eats repeatedly and Dipsy overthinks about certain things or even predict whats gonna happen. But they both support her son (Kodi)!


Even when they never interacted, Jenna wouldn't want someone to die as she wanted to go rescue him! Later Jenna realized Kodi didn't went with his father and asked him why. Kodi didn't wanted to help because he wanted to help Duke, she sees how his job is turning him and she wished that she went with Balto to save him.


  • Her design was inspired by Audrey Hepburn[1].
  • Jenna and Belle have stuff in common: they're both popular in their town because of their beauty, they both also fall in love someone who is looked upon as a monster and they both care about their families a lot. They are both loved by someone who is most popular in town despite they don't have any attention towards them, they save the lives of their loves and they both get married in the end.
  • Jenna, Balto, Boris & Muk & Luk are the only characters that have appeared in all 3 movies.
  • Jenna does not get mentioned in the trailer, despite having a huge role in the film.[2]
  • Jenna knew Muk & Luk's names despite not meeting them before.
  • Jenna, Muru, Niju and Stella are the only characters that sang.
  • In reality when Jenna gave birth to her pups, she wouldn't let Balto get close to them or see them at a certain age.