Hunter profile
General Information
Gender: Male
Age: Mid Adult
Species: Human
Occupation: Hunting
Eye Color: Unknown
Series Information
First Appearance: Balto II: Wolf's Quest
Last Appearance: Balto II: Wolf's Quest
Voiced By: TBN

The Hunter is a one-time-only character, he mainly serves why Balto should tell Aleu the truth.

Balto II: Wolf Quest

He was aiming at Aleu, she saw him and happily want to him but she wasn't aware that he was gonna shoot her but Balto came in at the right time to save her. While struggling with Balto, his friends came at the right time to help him while he was distracted Balto escorted Aleu out of there but the Hunter remained unharmed.


  • It's unknown if he is a legal hunter or not.
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