Everything Flies is the song that is played during the opening (when it shows the mail dogs run) and the ending credits (when it shows Duke flying Balto in his new plane, the Balto Flyer, of Balto III: Wings of Change).


The wind across the water And clouds across the skies The music in the echo Of the eagle as she cries The winter light at sunset The full moon on the rise Everything, everything flies

A mother's prayers to heaven A young boy's paper kite The breeze that brings the morning A comet through the night Aurora borealis As it sweeps across the skies Everything, everything flies

Time and stars and innocence Childhood's waking dream The spark that leaves a dying fire The trout that breaks the stream

The sound of children's laughter When they're having fun The pride that leaps from heart to heart When a job has been well done The love of friends and family Shining from their eyes Everything, everything flies

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