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General Information
Gender: Male
Age: Puppy
Species: Wolfdog (3/4 husky 1/4 wolf)
Eye Color: Brown

Unnamed Owner
Balto's Father (Grandfather)
Aniu (Grandmother)
Balto (Father)
Jenna (Mother)
Aleu (Sister)
Kodi (brother)
Saba (sister)
Unnamed pup (Sibling)
Unnamed pup (Sibling)
Boris (Uncle)

Series Information
First Appearance: Balto II: Wolf Quest
Last Appearance: Balto III: Wings of Change
Voiced By: Nicolette Little

Dingo is the son of Balto and Jenna. He is voiced by 10 year old Nicolette Little as a pup. He later got adopted by a boy who, according to Jenna, will make a good owner for him.


Though he's only seen as a pup and most pups seem to have slight changes in their color scheme or markings as they grow older, Dingo's pup design greatly resembles Jenna, with a darker coat and dark brown eyes.


Balto II: Wolf Quest

Dingo will be first seen when Balto sees his pups he produce with Jenna, he will be seen when Jenna is nursing him and the rest of her siblings. Dingo will be seen again playing with Boris, Dingo and his siblings keep chewing Boris till Balto stops them. After that he still continues playing.

Dingo will be last seen when he is set for adoption, moments later, Dingo will get a owner which Jenna knows the owner.

Balto III: Wings of Change

Dingo appears rarely in Balto III: Wings of Change in the flashback during the "You don't have to be a hero" song.


  • For some unknown reason, people often think that the red pup with markings similar to Aleu is Dingo, while it is in fact this is not true. It is seen clearly that the boy adopting Dingo is holding a pup with markings similar to Jenna and Kodi, and the credits and Jenna's remark after his adoption clearly confirm that this is indeed Dingo.
  • He appears to be about 7-8 years old. (Human Eqivalent)