Come on Up and Fly is a song sung by Stella to Boris in the film Balto III: Wings of Change, to convince him to fly with her, since he had been denying it.


I've been around the pond a time or two I've done my share of migrating When I look at you, I enjoy the view You set my little wishbone to palpitating

Come on down, boys!

I'm a goose On the loose On the prowl for a handsome fowl You've got the style, got the form Got the big strong wings to keep me warm I know what I like And I like what I see How'd you like to do a little flying with me?

I ain't no quail You ain't no chicken You've got my heart doing more than ticking I'd like to rest against your chest We could build ourselves a sugar nest Oh, can't you feel we've got some chemistry? Don't you wanna try a little flying with me?

Beak to beak Wing to wing We could have ourselves quite a fling Tail to tail, feather to feather Don't you think we oughta flock together?

I'm the goose With the juice Mr. Gander, let's meander On my own up here in Nome I'm a chick who's oh-so-far from home We could honk in harmony Come on up and do a little flying with me

Where the air is rare And the wind blows free Come on up and do a little Do a little Come On up and do a little Flying with me

Let's you and I get down and fly, flyboy

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