Steele's Treachery, Heritage of the Wolf, Grizzly Bear, Visions, Who You Really Are, Muru's Chant, Balto Is Back, You Don't Have To Be A Hero, The New Leader, The Grand Design, Final Nightmare, Following Aleu's Trail, The Wolf Pack, Ghostly Spirits, The Dogsled Race, The Epidemic's Toll, Jenna or Telegraphing the News, Balto Brings the Medicine, Boris and Balto, The Journey Begins, Rosy Goes to the Doctor, Taking You Home, Everything Flies, Depressed Balto, Aleu Leaves, Wolves, Ice Bridge Crossing, At The Beach with Jenna, Disappearance, Another Dream, Wolf Quest,

These aren't in original order but they're Balto's original song list from all three films

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