Content from the third film, Balto III: Wings of Change.

Kodi wishes to be like his father Balto someday when he saves Duke the pilot his dream comes true. Dusty does her best to soothe her friends as they deliver mail especially when they race the plane. Jenna comforts Balto telling him You Don't Have To Be A Hero you just have to be you it help his confidence grow a bit.

Boris has trouble when Stella arrives not because her company but because he's afraid of heights other than not wanting to fly Boris enjoys stella. Stella loves making new friends for sure she has several male goose buddies who follow her, and she likes Muk and Luk after she learns they're calm sadly orphaned cubs, she just want's them to stay efficient with their time when she believes it's time to try to rescue Boris.

Nobility and being cooperative are what Jenna wants her son Kodi to gain skills of, she tries to explain this wish when he talks about the pilot and the Bush plane.

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