The Bush planes don't appear as much or don't do much but when the Telegrapher calls for more medicine, a bush plane were gonna be sent but the cold prevented the engine to start so then they had to use a train.

Balto III: Wings of Change

The Bush planes now played a significate role, Duke's plane delivered the mail faster than the mail team, they would have a race and the one who wins now deliverers the mail but Duke's plane gets lost and crashes to a nearby forest. Muk & Luk came running to Balto to as they claim that something loud came to the forest while Balto assumed it was Duke's plane. When Balto arrived, Duke's plane was badly damage but Duke and Boris were alright, Balto would carry Duke back home with a part of the plane to carry him back.


  • In 1925, the planes were never used to deliver, they were mainly used for war.
  • The planes are based on the Curtiss Model 41 Lark