• Koda the daughter of Kodi

    Don't mess with me bc I am the only girl that I love for dad i want to be with my dad always 

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  • Boreas X

    Hey guys, first post here. Is anyone aware of any new information on the live-action movie about Togo that Disney is making for their streaming service? I've heard it's more based on the real story (Togo was lead dog of another team that covered the longest and most dangerous part of the trail).

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  • Ziazøz

    The Other Two

    January 21, 2019 by Ziazøz
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  • KionaYukon99

    The Life of Kiona

    November 11, 2017 by KionaYukon99
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  • LionGuardEscort198

    One Aleu's pups enjoyed hearing wolf stories of the ancient days over and over so it left the pack and searched for its own  mate It hunted in Canada for a While. But then one starry night and this pup met a coyote who knew Montana and Wyoming because it was from Yellowstone National Park. So this pup of Aleu's told its dad Diamond it would be traveling some new grounds but would once in while visit its old home. This coyote who was from Yellowstone carved Aleu a map of forests she could travel to meet it as it mated one of her wolf pups. This coyote told Aleu it would let her see her Coywolf grandchildren. Aleu did herself a colorful rock painting of Alaska Canada Montana and Wyoming so she'd always remember the directions to Yellowstone …

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  • LionGuardEscort198

    Aleu recently became a mother and she started travel The Great Bear Rainforest coast of Alaska, Juneau Alaska, Nome Alaska, Yukon River of Canada, Siberia, and The North Pole. If Aleu caught something lilke Buffalo she'd share it with foxes and coyotes. She liked catching Squirrels. when possible to not drown Aleu would fish seafood for her pack.

    She liked seeing Sammoy and Eskimo Dog cousins as well as her Malamute and Husky cousins she let her pups play easy games with these cousins in snowy villages. On holidays about ancestry stuff Aleu would join the white Arctic Wolf and sing with it. She'd once in a while invite Muru's family to her big cave with spiritual wolf art she sometimes howled Muru's songs his Chant and Who You Really Are to…

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  • LionGuardEscort198

    After Aleu led Nava and the other pack member for three months she was ready to find a young wolf she could mate with. It was St. Patrick's Day in other USA states when Aleu went to Nome to tell her mom Jenna about soon meeting an in-law family member. Aleu went south to search for her young mate and she found him in Juneau his name was Diamond. Balto helped Aleu go back home with her new mate Diamond following. When Nava saw Aleu found a young mate he talked with Diamond. When Aleu's puppy litter came Silver howled happily to tell the rest of the pack. Silver told Diamond he'd look for some bison and caribou for the pups, Diamond told Silver he was grateful. Diamond himself went hunting for Moose and squirrels. When The pups were 12 days …

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  • JoinerofOnoandFuli7956

    Okay we all learn our own lessons in our own ways. but with the level of my sympathy I have, there are a few lessons I don't doubt about fiction wolves teaching me while reading fiction chapter books and watching respectful movies of theirs.

    Balto helped me learn how we can match by  what our values are, and it's a very peaceful ways to match.

    Faolan in Wolves of the Beyond helped me see how having self-acceptance is very important.

    Odessa in Beyond the Valley of Thorns chapter book helped me learn true friends give you total freedom to be yourself.

    Nava helped me learn sometimes you're prepared but you're not sure how to start.

    Jed who was a wolf-dog who did movies helped me learn sometimes you're leaving for safety not because of anger.

    I've d…

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  • Killer365

    Where is everyone?

    July 10, 2012 by Killer365

    It's a little sad to see a movie series like Balto have practicly no people on it's wiki.

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  • Songmaster

    Kodi's Sexualty

    July 12, 2011 by Songmaster

    is Kodi in love with Kirby or Dusty

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